Whitney Fire Protection District – FAQ’s


How do I check the Air Quality Index before I burn?

Open burning is NOT allowed if the Air Quality Index is above 60. It is your responsibility to check the index before you begin any open burning. Call (208) 373-0313 to check the Air Quality Index or visit www.deg.state.is.us/air/agindex.cfm

Where can I get my Blood Pressure Checked?

You may get your blood pressure checked at any fire station in Boise City or Whitney Fire District.

Do I need a Burn Permit?

Burn Permits are no longer required in the Whitney Fire District; however the restrictions on open burning have not changed. Boise City does require a burn permit and they can be obtained at the fire station. The information about open burning is www.adaweb.net/Pages/SafeBurning.aspx. Open burning is NOT allowed if the Air Quality Index is above 60. Call (208) 373-0313 to check the Air Quality Index before you begin any burning.

How do I obtain a Certified Family Home letter from the Fire District?

To obtain a letter stating that your Certified Family Home is within the Whitney Fire District, call Greg Womack at (208) 375-6416 or e-mail [email protected]. Please be sure to leave your full name and complete address of the Certified Family Home.

Who do I call to get my Child Safety Seat installed?

The fire department is no longer installing Child Safety Seats. If you need assistance, the service is provided at no charge through the Treasure Valley Safe Kids Program at St. Luke’s Hospital.Contact Alissa McKinnely at (208) 381-3033.

Where do I get my Fire Extinguisher serviced?

The Whitney Fire District does not service fire extinguishers nor can we recommend any specific company. Fire Extinguisher servicing companies are in the Yellow Pages of the telephone book under “Fire Extinguishers”.

How do I get a Fire Plan or System Review or Inspection?

Beginning January 2021, the District has contracted with Boise City Planning Development Services for Plan Review and Inspection Services.  See the Boise City Planning Development Services website for instructions on how to submit for Plan Reviews and Permits electronically.

How do I arrange a Fire Station Tour?

Guided tours of Fire Station #14 (2515 S. Five Mile Rd), Fire Station #15 (3676 E. Warm Springs Avenue) or Fire Station #17 (3801 S. Cole Road) are available to groups such as scout troops or schools. Please contact the Boise Fire Administration office at (208) 570-6500 to schedule a tour. A two week notice is require for a tour.

Can I bring Household Hazardous Wastes to the fire station?

The Whitney Fire District does not accept Household Hazardous Wastes. However, Fire Station #14 is one of the Mobile Collection Sites for the City of Boise’s Household Hazardous Waste Program. The collection day at Fire Station #14 is the first Wednesday of each month. The collection site opens at noon and closes at 7:00 p.m. For complete details visit www.curbitboise.org/hhw.

What is the ISO Fire Class Rating for my property?

The ratings for the Whitney Fire District are as follows:

Location Property Class for Dwellings/Homeowners Class for Commercial Property
Within 1000 ft. of a hydrant 3 3
Within 5 mile of a fire station 8 9
Between 5 and 10 miles of a fire station 9 9
Over 5 miles from a station 10 10

To obtain a letter regarding the ISO rating for a particular address call Chief Greg Womack at (208) 375-6416 or e-mail [email protected]. Please be sure to leave your full name and the complete address of the property.

Where do I order a Knox Box?

To order a Knox Box call the Boise Fire Department at (208) 570-6500 or visit www.knoxbox.com. See “Knox Box Procedures” in the Forms page.

Who deals with Weed Abatement Issues?

For information concerning weed abatement visit www.adaweb.net/
or call Ada County Weed and Pest at (208) 577-4646.

Where can I drop off unwanted medications?

Unwanted medications can be dropped off at either the Boise City Police at Boise City Hall West, 333N. Mark Stall Place 83704. 8:00 a.m – 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, or the Ada County Sheriff’s Office, Public Service Information Center Lobby, Building #1, 7200 Barrister Dr. Boise, ID 83704 8:00 a.m – 4:00 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Greg Womack – Chief

Phone: 208-375-6416

[email protected]

Janea Sites – Secretary/Treasurer

Phone: 208-375-6416

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